Are there any tutorials on collision simulations, like a ball knocking over things, or something of that sort?

I am also looking for a current and accessible entry level tutorial or any kind of direction to get started with collisions/bullet. (Heck, all I’m trying to do now is have an emitter shoot out particles that bounce off a block.-- I have the emitter shooting, but the block just falls when I hit CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-P twice…) I can’t access the video referenced in the following two places: Heck I am not even sure of whether I need to be using the game engine or what… all I can find is that “Bullet is GREAT!”… Pointing in the right direction is greatly appreciated…

I don’t know if this is helpful at all, but I did find these two things: I am still reading through them, and the results of my experiments are still quite counter-intuitive, so I’m quite the idiot at this stuff. My apologies if those are not helpful.