Cany anyone help me with this problem im having, i need objects to collide with there surroundings when there parented to something for example i have it so the object when mouse over and mouse lMB the object gets parented to and empty (the hand) and it doesnt react to collisons i can move it around right threw walls and other objects but as soon as i realease the mouse (unparent) it returns to its normal state and collides with objects just fine. so is there something im dong wrong? is it possible to do this well parented thanks in advanced.

Enable Compound on the kollision box. Enabe on the parent actuator Comound and Gohst (no collision with kollision box).

so do you mean make the objects that i can pick up compounds and make the hand?(empty) a compound an ghost?

ok i figured out what your were talking about but it doesnt do anything diffrent.

I uploadet a old demo from me.


CompoundCollision.blend (171 KB)

ok thanks!

thanks for the demo but what does this have to do with my problem? not to be rude just wondering

This demo shows you how to parented a object (the grabbed object) to a empty (the hand) and make a compound object so it can’t get trough the wall. But give me a little bit time and I make a demo where you can grab a object and can’t get through the wall with it.

ok thanks!

For each game (FPS, TPS, RTS) you need another script.
Can you upload an example blend file? So it is easier for me to see what you like.

sure here is a blend


savesystemtest.blend (1.83 MB)

I changed your file. Now it works with compound objects. But there is a problem. When you make a compound parent object the collisions mesh is not changing if you move the cube up or down. I reparent the object every 0.1 seconds, so the collision mesh is changing. It is no good solution but the only when you use compound objects.

There is a new bug in Blender 2.57b. The compound switch on the parent actuator is inverted. You must disable it when you want to enable compound.

I try to find a better solution, but I don’t know how long it takes.


savesystemtest1.blend (1.9 MB)

ok thank you!

that works really well thank you!
oh and having it switch constantly like that will it slow the game down any.