I have collisions for objects in my game and they work except any collisions that have to do with the floor. I have a rotating oblong object pointing up. It rotates around its origin at the bottom of itself but it will not stop when it hits the ground. I have tried parenting a different object to it to act as its collision but it still goes right through. Constraints only work while editing and there is no actuator for rotation constraints. Please help me smart people :wink:

What is it set to? triangle mess? dynamic? rigid body?

I have had to tinker with these a lot to get my results.

can you do CTRL + Printscreen and then paint or whatever and send us a image of your physics tab?
you can add commentary on the image with text, arrows etc

Echo,Echo…’‘We need a .bleeeend’ , could you hear that echo?

What about using raycast?
It works mucho grande.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]212783[/ATTACH]The ground looks the same in the physics panel except for the fact that its collision bounds are box instead of convex hull

I just want it to rotate around the origin, which you can see is the center of the ring and when it hits the ground stop. It rotates just fine but I can’t get a collision with the ground to work with the pointer

You’re using dRot, which absolutely rotates the object, even through other objects. Also, the hook itself is not Dynamic, but is Static, so it’s not physics enabled. You should set the hook to be a dynamic physics type (or Sensor), and use a collision sensor to detect for a collision with the ground. If it’s not colliding (I think you should set the collision sensor to trigger on negative pulse), rotate the hook.

That worked to get it to stop (THANK YOU!) but now how do I get it to rotate back?

Never mind but THANK YOU SOOO MUCH SolarLune. I placed a cube on either side of the pointer and did your idea with each side, left and right collisions, and it worked wonderfully