Collisions and character property for the physics

LOL, I don’t remember my stuff on this. I wasn’t that good at this.

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The problem isn’t whether the game ends properly or if the additional camera angle works okay. But the change in game play. The AI doesn’t work well with two weapons and a moving character, the bricks aren’t useful for a very dynamic battle, not that the character is controlled by the player.

It worked fine for the proteus player file simply because the player was stationary, and had one weapon. So it made it workable.

Why do the weapons even have collision?

What do you mean exactly?

@RandomPerson means why the weapons is not set to No Collision

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Not sure why exactly?

I am thinking to pull this off, I need to have some AI at different speeds, which they are, but sort of AI 1 velocity perhaps 1,000 and then AI 2, 1,200. So it is in order. It is a very particular dancing routine with this, it needs more complexity to it. I don’t know. Otherwise they get shot all very quickly, and if not they move rapidly and damage the player.

I did try put some at 2,700, others at 3,400, 3, 100, not that effective. An other option could be to have more than ten or eleven.

Currently, they chase the player and you must shoot them but the player wipes most of them out, you can use camera 2, by pressing 1 and 2 to go back default camera.

The player heads to a location which is suppose to be mission complete, it doesn’t seem to do that. Not sure what the problem is there. There is no property on it. Collision -robot and then scene brick, so it should load.

Could it be possible to the bricks to create an AI that is timed to move in a sequence?

So if a few AI move forward, then the next move much quicker, timed attack movements, so like that the character can’t attack all the AI immediately. There is no challenge like that.

Property bricks, a timer? I am not sure.