Collisions for a mesh with an armature.

I have created a pig, and gave him a simple walk cycle with an armature for use in a game. However when i try to turn on collisions (as in making it dynamic in the logic panel) on the armature it seems to gravitate down (this happens with all options under bounds btw).

So i turn on ‘dynamic’ under the pig itself (which is parented to the armature i might add) and (i think) because the pig is parented to the armature with the action it doesn’t seem to have any effect the pig walks around as if there was no collisions (not sure if that’s the right term). I tried creating a cube then parenting the armature to that then giving that cube logic for collisions but when i try that i move the pig the pig moves out of the box because armature is parented to the cube, and by parenting the cube to the armature and turning on collision that is just the same as parenting the pig to the armature.

I hope this made sense. Let me know if i should upload a file as an example and chances are I’ve done something stupid.
Anywho so any suggestions as to how i can make the pig collide correctly

you must disable “collision” for all the faces (if assigned) of the character mesh, or for the object itself.

hi, very prompt reply thank you and yes it worked :slight_smile: .

I think i have the same problem as olderman. I want to know which is the best way to have collisions between two armature´s parented meshes.

Well, do the same thing and enable “compound”, maybe it’ll work?

Thanks Oto. It worked. The characters sometimes collide and fly away but i´m getting along with that.
Good bye!