collisions trigger armature animation


 I have a newbie question.  In the game engine, how do make an object collision set off an "action" animation.  Here's an example.  I have a character that is hit by a bullet, and then the character falls to the ground.  The character is rigged with an armature.  Is there a way to set up logic bricks to play the "action" of the character falling, upon the collision of the bullet hitting the character.  It seems fairly straight forward, but for some reason I'm stuck with this one.  If anyone can offer any help it would be greatly appreciated.


Yes you can. If you have an armature (for character) parented to a physical “player” (for physics) then on the player object you would setup a collision sensor. Use this sensor to send a message using the message actuator. Send a message like “hit0” Then have the armature setup with a message sensor to get the message “hit0” this sensor will trigger an action actuator to change the animation to die.

I use the name hit0 because if you create multiple characters you will want to use new messages for their deaths. hit1 hit2 etc…

Although I do not fully endorse this method (there are better ways) it is a good place for a newbie to start.

Hey pryjon

    Thanks for the reply.  It's sounds like a good solution, I'll try it out.

                                         -thanks again

hello again,

  It tried your method, and it works.  The only problem is that it makes the frame rate of the animation very choppy and slow.  Is there a way to fix this frame rate problem?  Or is there a better method that won't bog the game engine down.


Interesting… It shouldn’t bog it down. Check this file out and tell me if your system runs slow.

Move the red thing around and the block sticking out is the “sword” if you swipe him a few times he will die. If you run away he will chase you. And if he is close enough he will throw snowballs at you.


How many armatures are you dealing with?


  Thanks for the reply.  I downloaded your blend file, and it runs smoothly.  To answer your question, I only have one armature and its rigged to my character.

Something else must be causing your slow down because that blend uses several message actuators, and sensors. Can you post a .blend? Or email it to me?