i add to my object armature, it is dynamic,
why collisions only are when something touch sphere(dunamic), but not object??

Because the physics only uses the bounds of the object, not it’s actual mesh. This is because mesh to mesh collision tests are very slow.

The dynamic bounds can be changed to say, a box of if the case of your pinguin in that game of yours a cylinder. There’s also polyheder for poly level collisions (slow as a result)

I’m doing a tutorial where an invisible bounding box is used and all the faces of the object have the collision turned off and then parented to the box. Does this help with game speed?

polyheader is very good, but i want to make exe later, only in 2.25 can i do it?

It’s also in 2.34

Polyheader sucks.

but i cant make exe in 2.34, only in 2.25!!
what can i do?

You can! But you can’t create a Dynamic Runtime.