Hello! I’m going to start off with I’m a noob. I’ve hardly used the program, but I’ve been trying to learn it for a long time. I want to make a simple game, and I can code in python fairly well, however I can’t model at all. I thought my brother might be able to who has used blender for a couple years and knows his way around, but when put into a video game making setting he just doesn’t know either. So Here’s my question. I’ve got a model, just a plane and I import it in and when I spawn, my character can’t move. So I thought, it must need collisions, however I don’t know how to add collisions in blender, or even how they work to be honest. I’m using python and panda3d to code so I’m having to convert from dae, to egg, then to bam to have it show up. Any and all help appreciated.

You should try a Physics Simulations or game engine related area for this thread. Do you have any movement-related scripts? Or are you just expecting your character to just fall?

Actually I’m coding it in python through IDLE and using something called panda3d. ultimately its a landwalker that a group of friends helped code for an old TT private server project that I’m reusing to run this. I use a little code like

land = (path to land model) 

…etc to get it to show up, and until I get a character model, I’m using the tt character model, which already is animated and walks around, but for some reason when I try to move, it won’t move. which seems like a collision issue.