Collisionsensor won´t work for me

Hey! I making a racegame, like everybody else… lol
I got a problem. Collision-sensor won´t work for me, I wanna use them for checkpoints. in a system of True/False-bool, and counters…

My checkpoint is a invisible act as ghost, so u can pass, and a collisensor that change a property from False to True, or reverse… The checkpoint also got a prop named to checkpoint1.2.3 and so on.

To make it short, I know my stuff working, all… but not the collisensor… a similar but not same sensor is the “near-sensor”, it work… or atleast sometimes… could make it work almost as a collisensor, but sometimes, it won´t active the sensor, and sometimes do. Weird…

Anyway… I want to fix this…
Here is a older prototype I use the nearsensor, but wanted to use the colli, that not work.


the object that trigger/carries the “collision sensor” should be an “actor”

It is! Actor > Ghost

Maybe take of ghost and take of collision from the face in UV face settings. (ctrl+f > face mode clear > collision)

edit: didnt under stand question

dynamic to ghost collision definitely works.
dont think ghost to ghost collision works though.

Set it as actor > ghost, but make sure to give it Static Triangle Mesh bounds (I think), I had this problem with 4X4, if all else fails you could take a look in the .blend files for that (look in WIP and Demos etc)

I followed all the tips u gave me… Still didn´t work =(

Post a blend?

What’s in the collision sensor’s field? Is it a property that your car has?

try looking at it with show physics visualization enabled