Is there a way to specify which objects need to collide for something to happen?
EX: the enemy [name] must collide with [bullet]?
There prbly is and I’m just not seeing it.



objects either are:
not dynamic
collide with things [you can toggle which faces cause collisions in face select mode]
do not collide with things

you can’t specify that a particular object can collide with one dynamic object, but not another dynamic object

You can setup your collision sensor to read objects with a certain property only. Add a property called bullet to your bullet and add a collision sensor to your “character” and set it to sense objects with the property “bullet” I think thats what you were asking for.

I want it to collide with everything yes, but when it happens to collide with a certain object, then I want something special to happen…what ever I decide to make happen:P

That would be it. Setup the character to react to bullet. If you have a special bullet than give it a special property. Other than that it will collide with other objects normally.

Lets say you have a crate in your world that if the character runs into it a lion jumps out. Well, you would setup the crate with a special collision sensor that only reacted to your character via the property method. If your player has the property “player” in it then you would setup your crate to detect a collision from property “player”. Make sure that none of your other moving objects in the game contain the property “player” (unless you want them to be able to set off the lion.)