collord marble/ stone texture.

ok, i am looking for a way to make a good colord marble texture, not just the black and white. Ive seen marble with like black white tan and pinkish stuff, but i dont know how to make a good marble texture. Il post what i have some far. I allready asked on my yafray help post, but i though i should make a seperate post. I tried using the colorband to add more colors but it came out wuite trippy with swirls of weird colors. It looked kinda like a abstract hippie panting.

When you add new colors to the colorband then how thick each color is depends on where you added it (o,1,2,3 or 4). Get that sorted out (with pencil notes) first, then you know to put (let’s say) pink on the thin band next-to the black veins. After that you can grab the little B&W sliders and drag them around to thicken or thin out colors relative to one another.
You can also make that more precise by adding two (let’s say) whites adjacent to one another to give yourself more sliders to work with. Adjusting the Contrast will also thin some and thicken others and you can start dragging sliders all over again, and the same for using another Interpolation (E,C,L,S).

You could add a new Marble texture in another Texture slot with basically the same colors (or not) and turn down the COL value in the MapTo tab to get faint veins running across the first texture, especially if you use a different Noise Basis in each Texture, and you can experiment with Texture Blending other than MIX in MapTo.


ok, so i decided to look for something that made of marble that i could use as a reference and i found this. I had no problem modeling it and or anything, but i cant seem to get that wite to have the same clustering and stuff as in the photo. I have a good greenish black color, and the same almost bleached lime grean color, but i still cant make it look right. Please help.

and il try out ur idea when i get the time fligh. I have a very bussy schedual for the next few days.

hmmm…just a question for wverybody but what is it with chess and blender?
Its good so far, what about UV mapping?

I’ll try make a blend for you.


Marble has SSS, so try the makehuman script.

ok, i belive chess is very popular, because it can be done very sucsessfuly without a lot of work. It is realy just a bit of vertext editing, and then using the spin tool. Plus i keep seing models of chess so i decided id try one. This project is more for advancing my texturing skills. The modeling is amazingly easy.

about the maping, i guess i should give it a shot. The layout would be simple. I am not an amazing skinner though so i wouldent expect anything better than what i can make in blender

thank you fligh i appreaceate the help.

about the “makehuman script” what is that. . . maby thats a noobish question, but if it could help, id like to know.

ok, i found a decent image for a marble texture, so i set up the uv map and imported the image. This is how it came out. I think its damn good for my first render using uv maping. (i tried once before, but my unwrap tools didnt work so i never got a layout)

Right Iv found a good texture for you,

Might need to register to get to it, site has many other amazing textures as well.

Your Spec and Ref settings are better than mine so maybe try appending only the two textures from this blend into yours and see what you get. I got carried away experimenting with shaders.


ok, and thanks for all the help. Here is all of what i have right now. Tell me which one uthink the best.

  1. my black and white attempt at a marble table/texture

  2. new table and made texture

  3. new table and a uv mapped skin

  4. flighs provided marble texture (thanks for taking the time, i will have to take a closer look to see how u got it like that

  5. the texture i got from the websight provided by madoragon


3 and 5