Hi there my first post and thread in this community:)

I got some inspiration from Shadows of the colossus, and wanted to create my own coloss. I am using this as a small test before I start with my real project.

I developed a short story line, wich goes: A dark, stormy, night, you see something approaching from a distance(ligthning strikes time to time and reveals the whole plain and the giant), suddenly it stopps and looks down on something, might be a deer or flower at least it will be something cute, the storm stopps and it goes to a cute, lovley atmosphere, the sun rise in the horizont, birds sing and the giant jumps around silly.

Here is how it started out

From there it developed quite nicly into this(a bit crappy test animation)

And here is how it looks now atm

The sky is not the one it will be once it is finnished, but my problem is the wind wich I want to make the grass look somewhat belivable during a storm, would appriciat any kind of tips about it. This will become the stormy night ligtning scene.

Wouldnt mind some critic either.

Welcome on Board!

I like the nice tidy mesh you have. Regarding the grass - not sure if you plan to animate this, but it sure looks fine from me. Most viewers won’t really cast their eyes to the grass as they are already glued to the main theme of your render. All the best!

Damn. That’s gotta be one of the cooler things I’ve seen so far (not that I’ve seen a lot. XD)

I think the hair needs a bit of cleaning up, IMHO. It’s pretty difficult to see the face (But that could be the lighting, too.) The hands don’t look too realistic (Y’know, relative to the rest of the guy): Specifically, they look too stiff.

Very cool though. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

I think the grass needs an animation because it is suposed to be a storm and it will enhance the atmosphere a lot, also someone tipsed me by not using wind but magntism field instead and dragging it along. Hopefully it will work out :), also I think the grass will look better in motion and when it is dayligth. And maybe I could have mage the hands better I gues, but right now that would require a lot of work to fix^^ since it is already rigged and weigth painted.

Will try to create a good looking and stormy animation later today.

Looks great! Love the green flame coming out.

Here is a short update since too many have complained about the sky though not sure if this is the final either dont think I want any ligth sources from the sky at all. Might finnish an animation too with the wind this eve.

Wow, very cool. I actually love the first sky background too. If you have time, how did you do the grass? I bet it will look really ominous (sp?) once the grass is moving in ‘waves’. Thanks for sharing and keep this one goin’ please. Awesome game btw, it also reminds me of the Iron Giant a little bit too.

I used his tutorial(grass) and made some personal modifications like material and some extra things on it :slight_smile: will use his tree tutorial too to create one or two trees. Have made some grass before but never as good as he showed will probly follow his example more when it is on the daylight scene.

So some credit to him :smiley:

And thanks for the replays always appriciating opinions :slight_smile:

Finaly got some time and I think I manage to fix an ok wind animation on the grass the first one is a bit wierd but I got the effect I wanted somewhat at least :slight_smile: