Collsion > edit another object - how?

I want to make it so when you hit one object another object goes into motion.

My “other” object has a delay and simple motion logic panel sensor and aculator. It rises up on the Z axis for an X amount of time, but I don’t want to do that until my ball lands on another object.

I’ve tried several different things and can’t get it to work. Any help? (no python please).

what have you tried?
How about messages? or just connect bricks between objects? use states?

I can play around with messages a bit, never used them before.

It’s simple by just connecting the collision sensor and controller to the other object - but I always use messegaes because they’re so much clearer.

Edit: Didn’t realise it had already been answered

How would I use the message one?

Okay right, lets say we have two objects… one called “Cube1” and the other “Cube2”

I’m gonna explain this simply… so say theres a Keyboard sensor hooked up to an AND controller on the Cube1’s logic;
Add a message actuator to Cube1, then the only thing you really need to write in is Subject.
The subject is what defines that message, so we can have many messages to one object.

Okay… so for Cube2’s logic we will add a message sensor, and in the subject box we put the subject we entered for Cube1’s message actuator. Then just hook up Cube2’s message sensor to its controller and actuator.

I made it sound alot more complex than it is.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try :smiley: