Colonial Architecture Study

This is my first post on here, so I’m sure I’ll have some critique about how to use this site, lol.
Alright, all jokes aside. This is my Colonial Architecture Study I worked on last night for about 4-5 hours. Can I get some feedback as to what I can improve?


Well done!

As for, as I see it. Firstly, you’ve chosen a very dynamic angle, but the overall contrast is quite low. I would make it more contrasted, like that

. And besides I’d change the lighting to sunny, not necessary saturated, but it would give the picture more contrast revealing and highlighting the details. But it all depends on what you were trying to achieve.


Hi DeadPon1,

You could consider using the Film effect and tweaking Gamma and Brightness. A little bit of Depth of Field might be interesting too, even if not 100% realistic for this distance.


Nice detail modeled! Still some work needs to be done when it comes to texturing though:

  1. dirt in crevises (AO or pointness attribute)
  2. texture (procedural?) you’re using is too uniform and flat. I would advise using a real hires facade to paint, not tile, the texture and creating normal map from it + spec (you may use Crazy Bump for generating these two textures)
  3. plastic white windows look quite bad on this type of a building
  4. there is nothing intersting to look at. May be a sign or a flag or something else? they could make your final render more interesting :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I am still fairly new to post processing so it gives me something to work for!

Thank you!
The texture was a Poliigon texture, but I could have possibly set the nodes up incorrectly.
The windows were one of my first tries using the Window Generator script, so I was pretty confused with it (It was one of the original releases of the scripts. Not with “Editable Parameters”) All and all though, thank you for giving me things to improve. It really helps a lot :slight_smile: