Colonial Style Cabin

Greetings All,
Modeled this cabin based on a pic I saw on Pinterest. Took a while to get the trees the way I wanted - thin for a forest. Used Grove3D, but an older version. Not too thrilled with the latest release, can’t get anything but fat, bushy trees out of it. Anyway, Cycles render. #filmic_blender by Troy Sobotka (thank you!) was used on the render. Amazed at the output dynamic range! Saw Andrew Price’s tutorial on how to use it - extremely helpful. For this render used only environment lighting - Blender Guru’s Pro Lighting Skies. Cranked up the sun value to 100! Checked light levels using Filmic’s false color display. Exported as a Radiance HDR file and brought into Photoshop for tweaking. I only rendered at 768, usually enough without volumetrics for me, but I notice much more noise with increased dynamic range? I wonder if Blender would ever render out to a raw format for better flexibility in Adobe’s Camera Raw. Hope you like it. All comments welcome!


Just wanted to say that it looks great. I am currently working on a house, but I’m concerned my trees are to high poly and take to long to render. Just want to know how many faces are on each of your trees.

Looks so shining. Good work!

Thanks Marc! The foreground tree by the chimney has about 26K faces. I’m usually not too concerned with poly count. I mostly do landscape scenes for pleasure and am content to render over night. In this scene, however, I did run out of memory (I have 32GB) because of the trees. I wanted a crowded wooded area. So, the foreground trees are high poly with subsurf modifiers on the trunks. Mid trees, no bump or subsurf and the distant trees where a separate render then re-imported as alpha’d png and duplicated several times. I did this to keep the lighting consistent and fill in all the sky holes. To save even more on poly count you could use simple leaf particles with no bump on mid and distant trees.

Thank you Foxrender. I just noticed how much compression is on the image so I’m posting this close up.