Colonial Style House

Hey guys, this is a colonial style house! It took about 20 hours to render. What do you think? Is there anything weird about it? Feedback is always great!

the ilumination is too direct, it is impossible that the Sun hit in that angle a house, specially if it is in a city, there must be another buildings covering part of the light, You must to see the solar graphics of the ubication of that house, the angle of the Sun. The fountain is flat, maybe changing those things You will have a diferent result but the concept of the house its clear, it is ok to see the idea, it is a worked job, You can do it better if You want it, 20 hours is a lot I think.

If the Sun hit it that angle a house it must be a breaking dawn or a sunset so you it must be a different sky, maybe I am used to use the solar graphic of my country.

Thanks for the suggestion! Now that you say that I can tell it looks a little funny. I will work on that!

You can change the color of the sun lamp to be a little bit orange, it would be more realistic.