Colonial Viper MK II

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Hi there, here is my take on the Viper MK II from BSG. This ship with it’s iconic design has been a long time on my modelling wish list. I’m two days in the process of modelling. There are still quite some stand ins, which have to be refined.


The other day YouTube’s suggestion algorithm came up with this video.

This is from an auction many years ago and it shows the original prop from the show. A modeller in reference heaven. :slight_smile:

Now I’m boolean my self through the engine parts in the cut out at the front. I still have to do some manual clean ups.

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Well, I made some good progress with modelling today. Some parts are still stand ins, though. This is especially true for the canopy.

The wings and their angles gave me headaches, until I went completely with ngons.


Yesterday I worked on the outer parts of the thrusters …

… brought in a normal sized human figure to check dimensions …

… and began to work on the cockpit.

The scaling works well, I think. But I have to tweak the cockpit. Some controls are difficult to reach for the pilot at the moment.

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The last two evenings I continued with the cockpit. The design is loosely based on the original model. I modeled some of the parts but mostly I was kitbashing it from parts I had from previous projects.

Here is a view over the pilot’s shoulder …

… and this is the pilot’s view from his seat.

Thanks for viewing, everybody.


It’s looking really nice, what is your poly count up to?

Thank you, Regono!

Currently I have some 125K vertices and about 120K faces. The parts with the cutouts are really high poly to get better booleans / shading. A former approach with a lower poly count didn’t work all too well. Surely there is room for optimization. For the wings, the rear engine covers and gauges in the cockpit as well as the visible parts of the front engine I used mirror and array modifiers.

Here is a screen grab with the wires.

I refined several things today and finally fixed the canopy. It’s coming together slowly. But hey, no deadlines in my spare time …

Thanks for viewing and I’m glad that some of you like what I did so far :slight_smile:

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I started to create an environment and a basic scene. Just because it’s needed and it was a nice change. And, I couldn’t resist to do a beauty render.

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Small update: I began to texture some of the parts …


More texturing work and camera experiments


Wow! This is friggin Awesome

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Thank you, very much appreciated :slight_smile: