Colonial Viper

Hello everyone.

I thought i would post my work on this Viper. It is only my second ever model and am still trying to learn everything.

Hope you guys can give me some pointers and help as i not sure how to texture.

I have seen a couple tutorials and they go over my head sometimes.

Must be my age. Also some modeling tips be greatly appreciated.

Will post my first model a X-Wing later.

Thanks for looking


Attachments this is it in sketchfab hope you all like it


Hello everyone i have changed some of the colours and trying to do the Dradus but cannot seam to get the image to show on 1 side of the cube. any help would be greatfull thanks

can someone please tell me where i going wrong here i keep trying to get a pic on to a face of a cube and

i got it this far but i cannot seam to get any colour to render with it? what am i doing wrong?

Hello Everyone i finally got my dradus screen sorted just me being a noob Muppet lol. and done some tweaking and sorted cockpit out and put a seat in just got 2 learn to do the compositing now and textures


coming along nicely, keep it up flobz :slight_smile: