(SimonHK) #1

Hi all,
I’ve been away learning XSi for a while, can’t stay away from Blender though…
Latest project, a colony of miners surveying a new planet in their sentient flyers. Here’s a flyer, it’s been out surveying for three weeks on a dry desert-like planet, so it’s a bit dirty. Theres also a sensor drone as well (the little white round one…)
I’ll be doing the background plate with Mojoworld and some bluescreen work for a figure standing in the doorway…

oh and an earlier animation effort is still on my site, 11MB DiVX, did it a year ago with 2.22 :slight_smile:



(BgDM) #2

Looks great. Nice texturing job as well. Nice to see you back too. :wink:


(IMProvisar) #3

That looks supersweet. Waiting on the .avi now.


(S68) #4

Very nice!

I like the avi too :slight_smile:


(Detritus) #5

Ohhh! Nice! Me likes every kind of space-age-colonialism! Can´t come up with any critics, this rocks!