Color artifacts (2.82)

For the first time I get such a result. What can it be and how to solve it? Thanks.


This happens if the camera is far away. If close, then everything is ok. But I need it far.

Hm… that is looking strange, indeed. Could this be denoising artifacts? Rendering with Cycles, I’ve had similar effects because of that. If I remember correctly, playing with the number of samples and denoising settings helped.

I don’t want more samples. Solved the problem in the composer.

It still looks odd. Can you share what is required to reproduce it? Including the texture in this case. Some (all?) of the builtin lowres HDRIs have issues from what looks to be sharpening artefacts. Also using nodes such as contrast can cause havoc on inputs.

As I said, the problem is solved in the composer. But I would like to know where the problem is.