color bleeding in cycles ?

did anyone saw some color bleeding between mat on an object
and anyway to correct it ?

happy bl

Supposing you added a plane, two horizontal loop cuts = three faces.
You assigned two different diffuse materials, right?
It doesn’t happening. It does happen if you render in low def (20% preview or something) and zoom into the render.
It is called Initializing.
Rendering as 1600x1200 px it won’t be visible. On a zoom 1:1 I mean.

no problems from far away and tried up to 200 samples
but as soon as you come very close then you begin to see this colors bleeding!

not certain if it would be doing it at very high level of sample
I can try later this night but I don’t have a GPU so can take a long time to render!

is there any doc on wiki on this effect ?

happy cl

by the way just did a quick test with path branch tracing
and there is no colors bleeding at all

lines vertical or horizontal are straight even when you zoom in a lot !

interesting effect !

happy bl