Color Blending between 2 materials on 2.57?

I have one mesh with 2 materials on it. i want the colours to blend/merge rather then just one face being one color and the next being another. Like a color ramp between materials.

Is this possible or is there a different/better way to achieve the same effect?

I am making a map and want simple colors to specify mountains and grass, but i want them to blend in.

Thanks for any help, always much appreciated


I’m pretty sure that’s what the material nodes are for… i’ve never really used them but I think you could

Good question Josh. I think this tutorial should cover it:

It may be a bit confusing depending on your skill level, especially since it was written for an earlier version of Blender. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.


Hey guys thanks for helping. Ive never used Nodes before as i have mainly been focusing on modelling at the moment. anyway, Near the beginning of the Tutorial it says <shift> <A> - <Input> - <Material>

However there are no <Material> options in the 2.57 <Input> Menu…

Where or what is this option in 2.57??

Again, Thanks for Helping

Here’s a screenshot I made that might be able to help:

First, make sure you’re in the node editor (1). Make sure you’re in material nodes (2). Check “use nodes” on the material your object is assigned to. A material node and output node should appear in the node window. At this point you should be able to add more nodes, including another material node (3), in this case an extended material node. Create the other materials (5), and assign them to the material nodes you just added. Set up the texture you want and add it to a texture node. Add a mix node, connecting the other nodes in the way displayed (4). Finally, render:

Hopefully this works for you. Let me know if it doesn’t.


P.S. The blend file is attached if you would like to look at it.


BrinemobeeNodemix.blend (520 KB)

Hey Funddevi that works perfectly! thanks, i have another question now, I have created the same set up as you with a blend texture and it goes from left to right, Brown to green so that works perfectly.

Now what i want to do is have the same effect from bottom to top on the same mesh. so two mountain areas at the left and bottom if you get my drift. should i just duplicate the set up and create a new blend texture going verticaly?

Thanks again

Should I create multiple materials? and maybe reduce the transparency of one or something? i dont really know the process or heirachy for Nodes.


Hmm… Is this kind of what you’re wanting? If not, it might still be useful to dissect.

There are four separate materials, blended together with various textures. I grouped the nodes together for easier organization. In case you don’t know, the hotkey to edit/view the groups is tab. Attached is the .blend. :slight_smile:


P.S. I removed the rock texture from the blend file to reduce file size.


BrinemobeeNodemix2.blend (1.54 MB)

Hey Man thanks for the .Blend, Im going through it now and will let you know how it turns out.

Couple of questions though, You have the Geometry Node in each group, Is this for Image Textures?

(just to Clarify i havent done much more then modelling and basic animation and lighting, So Composition And Texturing are my weakest spots)

If it’s any consolation, I only just today figured out how the geometry node works. Yes, you’re exactly right; it’s for defining how a texture is supposed to be applied to the object, in this case by different UV maps. However, the textures I used were just procedurals, not images. Let me know if you have any other questions, and I hope this method helped you. :yes:


i think the geometry node is equivalent to the panel map out in 2.49!

Thanks for all your help guys, I have managed to make a half decent map and have learnt alot about compositing as a result.

Thanks alot