Color blending is poor in render previews...

Since I recently began using Blender 2.42a, the version supplied with Mepis 7.0, the quality of render previews is poor. The color blending looks as if I had done “posterize” in Gimp. The actual rendered product (when I press F3 and save as jpeg or png) is fine, but the preview is poor. Any ideas as to what is going on and/or how to fix this? By the way, the attached files were done with OSA set at 16 and HD frame settings.


Probably your video card is set to 16 bit color. Try to change it to 24 or 32 bit color, that’s the preferred way of working with Blender and other image manipulation programs.

Try using a newer version (2.45 is current stable) might be that the preview has improved. And don’t forget the preview is a GL Render. Try using SHIFT + P over your object in 3D View. This will bring up a preview window that you can drag over the sections you want to see. As far as I know this preview actually uses the renderer and not the GL Render (please correct me if I’mk wrong)