color brightness

when you add a material with basic color then
allpy a texture to it is there a way to make the color of the texture brighter

i mean in F5 you can adjust the emit value ofr the basci color but not for the col in Map out panel

unles there is another way of doing it ?

thanks for any help

You can tell the texture to affect emit in the map to panel and change the strength with the var slider

not working at all!

i don’t think VAR and DVAR are normally working

theses are use only for special cases not in general

so there must be another way to get some more emit from the proc texture?


Shine a light on it!

Assign the light to a group.

Type the name of that group into the group field for the texture and turn on the exclusive button.

one thing that seems to influence
but this does not affect the emit value

it’s F6 Bright and constrast values

but no emit as such!

shinning a light will simply give it more reflection but that’s not emit value

emit values give acces to much brigter shade for the color
like you can do with basci color and emit value

i’m trying to find an equivalent to that but for the texture itself!


Do you want it to appear brighter (emit) or do you actually want it to light surrounding objects? If that is the case maybe try playing with reflections (look at the blue tubes down the bottom) is that what you want to do?

i want the basci color as is no emit

but the texture to be very bright or more saturated!

might be able to get taht from nodes materials or texture nodes

see ex here with mat nodes

but don’t get the basic color jsut the texture?
so not yet good enough
there must be a way with nodes!


If you are just trying to brighten a single object in the scene without having more lights affect the other parts of the scene, exclusive group lighting can achieve that. Brighten the group light and you only affect that object. By parenting the group light to the keylight in your scene, shadow matching can be achieved as well.


ras_group_light.blend (187 KB)

as i dais i want to saturate the coor of the texture not the basic mat color

so i think there is a way to do this with nodes

but not certain how

cuase right now in blender you can set some emit on the basic color but not the textuie

so that would give even better rendering if there was a way to do this


In the Shaders panel, for Lambert and Oren-Nayar, crank up the Ref value. But that’s for the whole material, not just a texture, I think.

It still seems to apply. The texture colors on the group lit cube are richer and brighter than the basic cube while still retaining the shading aspects that are lost when you crank up emit.

You can go the nodes route, but I have run into shadow casting bugs using texture nodes with alpha mapped images, so be warned. You might be ok with procedural.


ras_group_light.blend (197 KB)

try my cubes attached. either map to Ref, or Emit, either with Add, or Mix blend mode, or a combination. Rendering to EXR shows that Ref+Emit with Add gives the brightest. (Ref=reflectivity (or light), not mirror reflection).


yellowcubes.blend (148 KB)


when you say render as EXR !

does it do the same as with JPG?

i mean on the render window then save as JPG

i know that EXR can save alpha value but does it matter here ?


group light seems an interesting effect
mind you i think you could also put your object on another layer with it’s own light
and get the same effect !

that’s definitively an interesting subject

i 'll do some more testing


RickyBlender, I think you can get the effect you are looking for by creating a another texture for the same material and map the new texture to the “emit” value only. Here are two renders… the first is just a simple cloud material lit by the default lamp, the second has a sphere blend texture applied with the mapping going to “emit”.

Is that what you are looking for?



here is sort of a summary up to now

see pic

the last bottom one is one with 2 marble textures
the second marble text with only emit activated

which is beginning to saturate the color of the texture

but you don’t have control of the saturation level as with the emit slider for basic color

i was wondering if there was a way to control the saturation of the texture color like we do for the basic color with the emit slider!

but we’r getting there slowly

may be possible with nodes but how ?

see pic and file

Happy blendering

Hmmm… in the attached file I added a color band. This is for the texture that is mapped to the emit property. Just play with the sliders at the bottom of the colorband called Bright and Contrast to change either attribute. Not enough? Add another texture mapped to the emit property!



Text Adjust.blend (126 KB)


when you add a circle blend this affect only a portion of the bakground texture inside the circle not all of it

which may be good some times if this effect is required

but i want to affect all the background texture brigthness independant of the basic color


hmmmm, may I suggest a totally different approach? Consider a textured light. THe main problem with this is that you can only apply textures and not materials to lights

sorry but not following you here ?

what do you ligth and texture

are yout alking of loading a texture on a lamp

that totaly different then what i;m looking for ?

but i think there a way of doing this with nodes
but have to wokr a little on that one this week i guess