Color Change in Particles over time

I was recently inspired by the following youtube video Made in Blender before version 2.5

In the tutorial he offers, he tries to explain how to make particles change colour based on their age using the IPO curve.

You can also animate the color of the halo. However, it takes a little getting used to. The lifetime of the particle is represented from 1 to 100 in the IPO curve, regardless of how long the lifetime actually is. To animate the color:

  1. Move to the point in time where you want a color change
  2. Set the color in the materials window
  3. Press “I” select “RGB”
  4. Repeat

The text tutorial is here -->
Despite all my research, all the sites I’ve looked at have given up on trying to modify particles with age.

How would I be able to achieve a colour change over individual age of particles in Blender 2.62 to achieve a similar effect to that in the youtube video? Where could I find this “Lifetime of Particle in the IPO curve”?

Thanks, I’ll try it!