Color Change

I know this has been asked many times, but I followedall steps and it isnt right.

I am trying to make an object becomes green when you pass the cursor over it, but my IPOs are not working.

mouse-over ------------------ |AND| ------------------------- IPO Flipper
property sensor -----------------/
(selected = 0)

I have got a property that shows if the object is selected or not. If it is selected, I dont want to make it green.

My Ipo is:

frame 1: R=1 G=1 B=1
frame 2: R=0 G=1 B=0

I cant put the points in their exact position in the IPO editor, maybe this is the problem?

My object doesn’t changes color. It stays textured as it is.

Uh, are you using 2.37a? That might be the problem…(The mouseover sensor is broken in 2.37a)

Thx for the reply but I am using 2.40, the mouse over sensor works fine, i tested. the only problem is the IPO. I have got a demo .blend showing a box that when it collides it changes color but I tried to do exactly the same with mouse over instead of collision sensor, but it didnt worked.

Can you define what you mean by this?

Can’t you just select points, press N, and then type in the precise locations?

Oh yeah! I forgot that. Thx. I will try it out and see if it helps.

just a check… but do you have the ObColor texface button set ?
which is needed for ipos

That’s if you use RGB Ipos. If you use ColR, ColG, and ColB Ipos, then you don’t use ObColor, you use Alpha.