Color Chooser Filed for Emisson (material panle) Blender Render Engine

Hello, can please someone tell me how can I achieve this via python?

I want to create a color chooser for the material.emit like in the picture below. I think will work only with Blender Render Engine

I’m not sure you can do it with Python, but you can use instead a setup like this:

will not work because that material need to be exported to .fbx, so I just have 2 diffuse colors which is not permitted with fbx (only one will show up).

So, i think it is needed the code of Blender to be changed in order to add a color picker to emissive and another material property via python that could be like: material.emit_color (this doesn’t exist in Bleder)

Or better I am interested to create a addon of a new renderer based on Blender Internal but to have fewer options and a few new custom properties features that will be needed. But I don’t know how to do that.