Color Coded (Simple Game)

Hi all, I started this project to have a simple game for show reels and portfolio and stuff. I made it in a week, and I made the concept simple, different coloured blocks, witch when you stand on then the react differently :
Red blocks fall
Blue blocks rise
Green blocks spin
The object of the game is to collect all the yellow cubes and reach the exit before time
runs out.
Heres Screen shots:

stopped at 3 tutorial levels and 5 actual levels, because blender kept crashing on me.

Here’s the download
blend file :
blend file Ad free hosting:
Windows .exe :

Anyway I want to no what you guys think , and if you make any levels from the template scene, I would like to see them :smiley:

Thanx Wallmasterr

That is pretty cool. Maybe you should get a background though?? Maybe if you polish it all up, and add some graphics, then you can enter in the 2010 Game Competition if you haven’t already.

aaarg!! I would definetly like to try your game and give feedback, but mediafire just plainly SUCKS HARD!! It’s totally ad-infected!!

Could you please use a decent upload-service like

thx! I will try it if you provide a link. :wink:

hey man really nice toony looking but you should have the jump set up better you can fly right now by just taping the jump button

thx for the pasteall link.

I like the style of your game very much! The blocky design looks really great :wink:

Some positive critique:

  • I agree with mjw that jumping feels more like flying.
  • It would be more fun if the blue blocks would come down again if you’re not in contact with them anymore. Otherwise you could get stuck if don’t make a jump.
  • the left/ right turn is very sensitive. Atm you can only slightly tap a and d key or you will make a whole 90° or so… :slight_smile: reducing sensitivity would help
  • disable debug output for final release :wink:
  • the timer as well as the lvl counter are just plain grey planes on my computer. I ran it on a WinXP with Geforce6600 system that works fine with GLSL content and such.
  • the scene “scene” shows a strange blender bug with version 2.49b: the surface of some blocks goes to infinity, when I select those blocks, blender crashes instantly… :confused: (see attached image)

Apart from that: very nice game indeed, keep on polishing it up, it’s definetly worth it!


@ zapman,
Go to the hud scene, press Alt+Z, then go back to the menu. You will be able to see the counter and timer now.

@ wallmasterr,
Great little game here. I had some fun with it, until it turned evil at lvl3. I couldn’t manage to get the cube over top of the second green flipper for some reason, though I tried and tried. >: (

hi, i tryed fixing the jump, but when i did it made it way to hard :P. so i thought that u needed the extracontroll of a flyi jump.
And i dono why it dose the plane to infinity crash thing, iv never had it in object mode, but i have in game , and ye it made it crash :frowning:
I wanted the game to be the kind of hard that u new u could beat becose of the controll, thats why the levels are short , and have a restart button. (gah!! , i can do this(sort of thing :P))

Any way im glad you liked it in general.
Thanx Wallmasterr

it’s really clean looking, though the gameplay, not so much. this looks more like a wip. i found it very hard to catch the tiny yellow blocks,if you improved the camera and added more camera angles it would be a lot better