color correcting??

Hey i was wonderin if blender (or any free program) could color correct video…?? i want to make the colors brighter and my overall video just look better. thanks

sure, you could use either the VSE (visual sequence editor) or nodes. VSE you could use for a really barebones brightening, by just adding a gray/white image to the video.

with nodes you could be more complex, but requires a bit of digging.

scroll down to compositing and sequence editing and you should find some useful information.

other programs:

gimp batch processing if the video is a frame sequence. you could also just convert the video to frames, batch process, then re-compress to avi though you may lose some visual fidelity.

I don’t know off the top of my head if virtual-dub does graphical filters but it might.

hey thanks… im checking out the nodes manual right now, but from what im seein, it looks like the nodes just let me put a filter or whatever over the whole image… how would i edit the color of just one object? like a white peice of paper is gonna show up faded, how would i make that white again without brightening everything in the image?? if that makes sense

I think you need to set the materials of the object. Go to the shader options and tweak them to make it brighter or darker. You can even animate this settings so it will change the brightness in the animation. :wink:

yea i know about that, but thats just with objects you make in blender right? im interested in importing live action video

well, brightening only specific objects in video will be more difficult.

its it is static, or almost so, you can use a mask to brighten only that area.
if it moves significantly, you are looking at mostly a hand job. an animated mask/rotoscope.
I don’t think that there is any program, FOSS or not, that does this well automatically.

you could try balancing uniform brightness increase with added contrast, but if you go overboard you will get banding/dithering/other artifacts.

maybe you could describe more specifically what effect you’re trying to achieve?

Thanks guys, im just workin with the nodes right now. I think thats gonna help

In the nodes window, right-click-add-color-RGB curves.
That will give you control for each color’s brightness. So you could pump up the blues, reds, greens or overall brightness. But to brighten only a section of footage that is already shot or rendered, you have to dive into masking.
Masking can be done in Blender by creatively rendering out objects over top your video elements then using that rendered output alpha as a map for RGB curves but it is much easier to do it in a compositing app like after effects and so on…