Color Correction Info?

Hello, I have been reading a bit about color correction. ( Orange, blue, temperature, gel,matching etc. )

I just wonder if any of you can point to any good documentation about this? Anything about color in compositions, how or why to apply color correction, what does it mean…etc etc…any theory that would help to modify the final color in a frame.:eek::eek::eek:

“The Architecture of Light” by Sage Russell has lots of useful stuff on light and color (the terms you’re mentioning). Color CORRECTION, in my experience, usually refers to fixing / adjusting the film or video image after it’s been shot.

go to wiki nodes sections

there is a genenral description for differents nodes uisng color gamma correction ect…

but also looks at some lighting tut in wiki

happy 2.5

Hey thanks guys for the answers. Benu, I will find that book one of these days at Barns…hope to find it. I don’t like to read PDFs.:cool::cool::cool:

Ricky, thanks. Well that one is the shortest path in speed, so I will read the node section in Blender wiki.:D:D:D

You can even do color correction at 3 levels for each texture now! Its even animateable but really slows down animation and sequencing