Color from Photoshop to Blender

I was picking a color out in photoshop (R: 143, G: 192, B: 35)… How do i put this into the material? I tried to set the material color to: 0.143, 0.192, 0.035 … But the color is a lot darker in Blender then it should be.


Its one of the challenges with 3d animation. In 2d images you get to pick the exact color and it genrall appears like you choose it. in 3d it also appears like you choose it but now it also affected by atmosphear lighting. if you have to little lighting it will apear darker. to much and it will start to appear white washed or washed out by your lightings color. The easy silution is…well i hope some one else knows it.

  • try messing with the seances lighting
  • try messing with the color abit.

good luck

In PS you got a color range from 0,0,0 (black) to 255,255,255 (white).
In blender its from 0,0,0 to 1,1,1 (floating point). You need to multiply the number from PS by 4, and it should look ok.

Or you can use the Hue, Saturation, Brightnes values instead of RGB.

When PS:255 is Blender:1, then dividing by 255 seems more logical to me than multiplying by 4… no?

Yeah must be it nico… Still the color seems a bit darker, but thats gonna be the lights…

i prefer to use the hex value. to enter this in to blender put your cursor over the color and press the Nkey.

If you must use RGB then…

photoshop 0-255 blender 0-1

100 in PS = 100/255 in blender or .39215

255 in PS = 255/255 in blender or 1

this makes life easy

the suggestion to divide each value by 255 is the correct one.

ie., 255/255 = 1, and 25.5/255 = 0.1

to the person who said ‘multiply x 4’, please don’t confuse people by throwing out wild guesses. it doesn’t help.

New to 2.4 is the Hex color code input box! No more dividing colors… ever. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love it.
BTW, there are more RGB to hex convertors.
A nice one is this allowing you to choose compatible colors.
Made by the original Colormatch designer.
I think Colormatch is better because it loads immediately,
but it’s not Firefox compatible, oh the horror.