Color in the Game Engine

Is there any general recommendation for ‘color space’ in the BGE, as in Multiltexture vs GLSL and solid vs textured? I’m finding that trying to set the color of an object in a script via obj.color = (r, g, b, a) only seems to work in Multitexture mode, and then only sometimes. I’ve been following Patrick Boelens tutorial on BlenderCookie with patchy results as far as color changes go, although I’ve got the general gameplay working OK.

I don’t generally append the games for questions like this because the files are too big with included assets, a 1+MB sound file in this case. Besides, I’m after any general recommendations not a specific fix.

I’ve pre-ordered Mastering the Blender Game Engine by Mike Pan and Dalai Felinto, hoping it’s up-to-date and fairly comprehensive. Does anyone know anything about this book. Should be out in a couple of months.

I don’t know a lot about that book in particular, but both Mike and Dalai know a lot about the BGE, so I’m sure the book will be both up-to-date and full of useful material. For changing colors in GLSL mode, see if you have the Object Color checkbox ticked in the object’s material. If you don’t see the option, ensure that you’re in Blender Game mode (at the top of the window).