Color Key and other problems

(Kirilov) #1

I have created an animated scene in Blender and now i want to add character that I have created with Photoshop but I have notice that Blender load only images JPEG that doesn’t use alpha channel…so i have the character with a plane grey…but I need only the character figure…

do u have any suggestion to make something like a movie with a 3d Background and (animated)Cartoon character above it?
someone told me to use Color key …but i really don’t know anything about it :frowning:

thank u :wink:

(S68) #2


Take your character image

Save it as a different name,

in this second image make the character completely black and the backround completely white (or vice versa)

To the plane where you apply your character(s) as an image texture add a second texture channel, with this other image.

Use this latter as an ALPHA (not COL) map. THis way the background of your characters will be alpha=1 and transparent (be sure to hit Ztransp button)

hope this helps