Color loss


I have a problem with my Enterprise.

As you can see, there’s a loss of color in the front and back supports.
(I know they don’t look that wel, but they’re just the base meshes)
I have:

“Sun” and “Hemi” lamps,
both with “No specular” turned on.

The white material has the Spec turned to zero in the shaders panel.

Approximate AO is turned on. (Error: 0.05)

I can post the .Blend if needed :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

  • Pret_Letter

Are you sure they have the same material? If it’s the same mesh, in the Link and Materials Panel how many materials are there, < 1 Mat 2 >?

Yes, the body and the supports have the same material.

Here’s the Blend

No one has this problem? Are has the solution?

IMO it’s just a wrong light positioning.
place your hemishpere right above whole object and directed straight down, and turn the sunlight off.
is problem still exist?
also, .blend file would help.

It’s just that your sun is angled in such a way that those parts of your model are not as directly illuminated, as viewed from the camera’s location. If you move the camera, you should see a difference. If you move the lamp, you will see the difference … rotate the sun to point directly at the model, and those parts will be brighter.

I think you’re having problems with your normals on the supports. It’s hard to see from just this angle what exactly is wrong, but you can use Ctrl+n to recalculate the normals. If that doesn’t fix it, you’ll have to use the Edgesplit modifier and mark some edges sharp.