Color Management and Linear Workflow professional guide available for free

hi, I’ve read a lot of questions in this forum and around the web about Blender color management and linear workflow. Many times there are misconceptions about the subject and/or incorrect answers that may be misleading for inexperienced users.

The following guide is from Eizo. It is not targeted specifically at Blender but it does explain basic and advanced concepts very well. Maya, Max, Photoshop, and After Effects are specifically answered. Have fun :slight_smile:

p.s. you also may find useful this thread about Blender CM, see my last post

Thanks for the link. It is odd that the PDF does not talk about output. It talks about how to get from your document to your screen in a color corrected way, but as we all know the real problem is when it comes time to output your final and the target deliverable format does not support a color space. That is when a color shift occurs.

I’m not sure about what you mean …

if you don’t know what color profile to use to target the output then look at page 7
basically rec 709 for tvs, adobe rgb for print, dci for movies, srgb for pcs

if you have to convert your work for a target output then look at page 13
the color conversion is done by the video editing software
basically you can work in srgb space, then convert to dci or rec 709 to fit the output device

hope this helps, bye :slight_smile:

I feel that there is an input of it and has a role if we take a look a little deeply we get to have ideas about how far it help is with overall growth and at the same time learning from it is the thing which is fine enough so yeah it goes this way.