Color Management presets - Curves aren't saved

As described in the post title, Color management presets (under Scene Settings) don’t save curves.
Also there’s no mentioning of presets in the manual (minor detail).

So i’m wondering, is this a bug or a software limitation (not implemented)?
If second, could an addon/python script solve this problem? How?

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This is part of the Amaranth addon

I got some code working which stores the curve points. The thing is it use default preset save method. I need to figure out how to alter that

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I got everything working now. It currently saves all curve settings for all channels. It also saves the rest of the curve mapping items which weren’t stored neither.

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Thanks for your Great work!
Care to share further info about it? Which file of Amaranth addon is in question or do you have it on your repo ready for a testdrive?

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I need to make a repo for it, i was waiting a for Pablo to answer but a doubt he will. I worked in this addon before. That was 2 years ago before it wasnt ported over, i was doing a 2.8 port but he never replied. I also tried twitter, but i cant message him. I did tag him in a tweet but he didnt reply.

So i guess i just make my repo and post the link every where. ill post a link when i got it up. I hope tomorrow. I was bussy with some other addons as well and got a bit side-tracked of this one.

Yes, I saw your pull request but couldn’t replicate it (didn’t get which files to change). Anyways, there’s no rush, it’s been years since I posted, so what’s a couple of days more :slight_smile: Hosting it on your github repo would more than enough.

Thanks again and have a great time.

About official update it’d be maybe better to go through developer’s channel

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Hey @rombout any chance you finished that Add On? I can’t believe this isn’t already an option or an existing addon already.