color of a vertex in wireframe representation

Hello Developpers,

I read a mesh (without creating faces). I’d like to assign another color to a vertex, I mean as a wireframe entity -> without shading.
A vertex point is for my application a wireframe entity.

I found a lot searching with “Color vertex” … but not what I need.

Thanks for any idea.

At present you can not, to my knowledge, define the colour of individual vertices. But you can modify your theme colours for ‘active’, ‘selected’ and ‘unselected’ vertices, from user preferences->themes->3dview.

Thanks! What about edges, can I color them?
Is there a way to represent vertices or edges thickness then ?
I need to display some points or eges differently than others in the mesh, to distinguish them.

edges, faces, thickness same thing. There exist theme preferences for vertex size and edge size, but those settings propagate throughout the UI, it’s not going to be face/edge/vert/ specific. You can mark edges as seams if you want to distinguish them, you aren’t obliged to perform any UV-unwrapping if you do so. So if it’s distinguishing purposes only, then select your edges and mark seam.

In addition, if you know a little bit about OpenGL then you may be interested in the blender GL module called ‘bgl’. It’s a decent implementation that can run in the 3dview, as an overlay to what is visible already. You could code a simple routine to draw on top of the 3dview, if you can keep track of a selection of verts in the selected object. You can calculate the 2dscreenposition of a 3dvertex (from bpy_extras.view3d_utils) and draw to either side of the edge (like seam does…if you look carefully) or draw a thicker line on top (same would apply for any vertex colouring). An interesting exercise!

Thanks, interesting idea, but my knowledge is still too poor to start with that, I have enough “fun” learning Python and Blender, being a non-programmer.
I ll try the “seam” indeed.
In the meantime I thought about assigning a property “color” to the vertex. I thought maybe I can create a new “ThemeView3D.vertex” color, create a property I assigned to the vertex. Have no idea if it’s feasible to create such a property?!
And how to pass it to a single vertex while filling the mesh …
Or how to redraw/re-display the vertices list when switching to edit-mode, so that all vertices are redrawn taking into account the color property I assigned them ?