Color of cursor

Hey all!

How do I change the color of the cursor? I cant find it in the themes…

It’s sometimes quite frustrating to see where the grey cursor is on the grey background, and I don’t want to change the background color…


You mean the mouse cursor, right? If that’s the case, then I don’t think it’s possible to change its colour. It actually changes its colour automatically, depending on the background. It takes the opposite value of the colour of its background, but only in greyscale.

  • So for example, if you place it over something 100% black, the cursor will be 100% white.

  • If you put it over 70% black (dark grey), the cursor will be 30% white (light grey).

  • If you put it over 50% black (middle grey value), the cursor will be 50% white (middle grey value) and will thus become invisible.

So I guess you’ll have to change your background if you want to better see your cursor.

Usually your cursor definitions are OS specific.

For WinXP, open up control panel, double click the mouse icon, look for ‘pointers’ and change it to whatever you want. For custom cursors, you could probably find something on the internet.

Someone posted a great custom cursor here someplace just a couple weeks ago. Actually I think they made several.