Color of the curtains, help)

Hi all. Don’t tell me this moment. How to make the light that passes through the curtains - paint the room in the color of the curtains?

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I don’t know if it’s the best way, but try with this:

Transparent node has image texture plugged to color - but I think just color would work.

Blend in translucency shader, using a more saturated version of the color (the thicker the substrate, the more absorption happens), with the main setup. If you have a manual setup, mix it with diffuse component. I always use thin geo for curtains, and avoid using SSS. I also prefer manual setup over principled since I want it mixed in with diffuse rather than the combined shading (with glossy). That said, with curtains you can probably get away with removing specular completely.

Tweak it by turning off the left curtain and scaling the right to cover the entire opening, you don’t want the bright sun overpowering the tinting.

guys thanks a lot for your help

Example shader setup with hue 0.2 on the left and hue 0.8 on the right and how it bleeds into the room.


tnx so much