Color Palette Node (CPN)


Hello everybody! I present to you a new, updated version of the “Color Pallete Node” aka CPN.

The main feature of the second version - is to support the expansion of Adobe * .ASE. Now you can use the colors of your photoshop project (Design layouts, concepts, etc.).

Also shader “World” is support color palette node and reverse colors in the palette.

Fixed some bugs.

Version 1:

Version 2 (new features):

In development:

  • Generate palette by type of color harmony.
  • Shift the hue for all palette colors throughout one mouse movement.
  • The color palette in other windows (ability to use color for texturing, vertex colors, and Grease pencil)

Sorry for my bad english, please.


I use your script, nice. Not perfect, but nice.
Do you wand to post old version on github? It give them second live, and make it better.

Of course, Ilya, i plan to do it! After the release of the next version.


I bought the add-on from Blendermarket and installed it in Blender.
But it does not work, in the add-ons menu of the settings there is a warning icon with the sentence:

“Not worked with reroutes”

What does that mean? Is version 2.0.0 not compatible with Blender 2.79b?

about a hint how I make it work, I would be happy! :+1:


Hi polyboy. Try the 2.78 series from
2.78a is dated October 2016. Else try older versions.

i have tried every main version down to 2.76, but it has not worked. maybe it is my fault or something wrong with my PC?

Problem occures on other PC’s, too.

Most likely this is due to the fact that the versions below use a different version of Python. The addon will not work. It needs to be completely rewritten for a different version.

“Does not work with reroutes” is a warning, not an error. I do not know how to get around this so far, so I excluded the possibility of using a node with reroutes. This is not critical, in my opinion, and does not interfere with the work <=).

There is no such node in the pop-up menu (right click). This node exists only in the tools menu on the left in the node editor window.

Okay, it is working on 2.79b but i have not seen it in the Tools menu…

Thank you very much! :grin:

In Blender, especialy Filmic, we are dealing with (scene-refered) albedo-colors rather than colors used by artists (display-refered). Any idea if there is a very rough way to have more plausible albedo colors, like adding a Hue-saturation node behind this Color Palette Node and turn down the value? Or are is there a better way?

As far as I remember pure white snow has an albedo of 80% of the value (Per each value R, G, B or the value in HSV, can’t remember).

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@krnk Hi.
Do you know if a Blender 2.80/2.81 compatible version is planned?

Also, it would be cool if your add-on could use palettes from:

Please forgive me for taking so long. I’m working on it. Unfortunately, I have problems in my personal life, in connection with this the development is delayed, but I do my best for this. I want to support the extraction of the palette from the reference image so that you can get the palette without leaving the blender. Thank you very much for the links. I will definitely study this material.


This is an interesting and important idea.


Hopefully everything works out in your life good luck

Work in progress


oh my god that’s awesome! glad you’re back and good luck with the development

What is the 2.8 Progress on this?

The registration of custom nodes in the blender has changed and now I’m setting it up. The node itself is already working, but only in developer mode. There are some problems when installing the addon on other computers. The code is completely rewritten. Now I catch bugs and errors in work on 2.83 for start and add to node menu.
New features will also be added, but in the first place there will be a release with the same features as before, but for 2.83.
In new features, online mode will be expanded. I add new servers with online palettes, offline modes and I would like to add the same palettes to the interface for Grease pencil.


Really excited for this, good luck with the development

Any updates?