color picker and unwraping help

can someone help me on how to use the color picker the website does not explain it well or even how to open it. also i want to know how to unwrap so if you guys can tell me it would be a big help thanks

Click on the color preview to use the color picker.

If you mean LSCM unwrap, enter FaceSelect mode, and press UKEY. Select LSCM. The UV coordanites will be generated.

ok thanks man

No prob. :wink:

enter face select? still learning blender ah nvm uv faceselect got it but it does nothing…

It makes UV coordanites that you can view in the image window.

still looking for the colorpicker thing

On 2.34, click on that color preview that changes when you move the RGB sliders.

ok got it thanks for all the help

No problem. :wink: