Color problem

Why is this happening
and how can i make colors “clean” ??? :confused:

You need to explain in more detail, what you’re expecting or wanting to get, and what the problem is.

I could just post an error with no explanation and say “fix this” and likely people will ask for more detail.

ok than, I was making airplane and i want to colour wing half red and half white . But when i render that white half was transparent on same spots How can i make one half whole white and oder whole red ??:confused:

(sorry on bad eng :o )

Check in edit mode for stray polygons covering the white part of the wing. Because since this is the blender workspace view it looks like it.

WHAT ?!? where? how? :confused:

(I’m bothering u , but I’m one big n00b :o)

He’s telling you to check your model for polygons which shouldn’t be there. Like faces which you’ve duplicated by accident and now “overlay” another face…this is a very common problem to newbies, it gives weird shading errors and they have no obvious reason. So, check if your mesh is clean by a) deleting unwanted faces manually and b) using “Remove Doubles” (Edit mode -> w -> remove doubles).

But actually, if you have posted a screenshot, it’s down or something, I can’t see it. So I can only repeat what Cyborg Dragon (damn, I liked the short name Icoxo much more :stuck_out_tongue: ) said…