Color ramp and OCD

Am I the only one to have a crisis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when faced with a color ramp? They used to be more sophisticate and you could enter a number to set or change the position of a marker. Now I feel like a brain surgeon with boxing gloves every time I touch a color ramp. :confused:

I need to mirror 2 markers as perfectly as possible around the center of the ramp. Anything less gives a poor result for what I want… And I’m about to operate my own brain against a wall because I must render to see how far off the mark I am, try to move the jumpy markers pixel by pixel, re-render… and scream. :eek:

Is there any other less painful solution? Like a switch to re-enable the good ol’ color ramps?

Do I need to say that the “new improved” color ramps drive me crazy? :spin:

Would have been nice if there was a possibility to export/import something like .config (.ini, .xml) for some node setup with [node] value1… value n type list… Right now, zoom on that bugger and try again ;).

I wish! Even at the maximal zoom, the best you can do is to evaluate where the markers are… with the thumb of your boxing glove. :frowning: