Color Ramp Blend Texture from AP's Inception troubles

Hello all.
Doing part two of Andrew Price’s Inception tutorial. (here:

At about 8:08 he puts a ‘Blend’ texture on the lamps to give a lamp-inside-glow look where the color is light in the middle to darker at the out side edges.

I can’t seem to make that part work.

To trouble shoot I’ve only used blue and pink. The first two renders are vertical with colors flipped. No matter where I put the middle blending, it always shows either blue or pink.
If I go horizontal, half the lights in the row are blue and half are pink. I understand that I think, but not why the vertical is not working.

Included my blend file as well.
Thanks for any tips.[ATTACH]131681[/ATTACH]


Here it is with Horizontal.

Okay, disclaimer I haven’t watched the video, I only looked at it to get the gist of what the effect was supposed to be.

First thing you need to do is separate each lampshade combo into its own object. Reason: The gradient you’re seeing in the “horizontal” example you’ve given is spanning the entire length of your mesh. And because each lampshade is part of the same mesh, it spans them all in one go, rather than spanning one lampshade at a time.

So, separate them. Then make sure the blend texture is set to “horizontal” and you’ll then be able to continue on with your tutorial. :smiley:
I’m not sure if this deviates from Price’s tut. But this is the solution I’ve got and it shouldn’t mess you up very much at all.