color sampling in 2.6 ?

is the color sampling working ok in 2.62 ?

i had a background pictures in viewport and tried to pick one of the color in the picture and it did not work ?

how can you make it work ?


Works like charm here. You probably need to set opacity to 1 first to get the correct value. 2.62.

where do you find this opacity thing ?

right now i get a black color instead !

which is not the background color i wanted !


you click on the sampler in color window then go to the viewport and click again !

i tried with opacity as white and still get a black color !

is there any short video showing this

or may be not working yet !


Looks like you have something broken… Here’s the video

Just download…

looks like what i was doing

and i guess it is not working for vista 32 bits ?

i’ll make a bug report ?