Color Space of textures change after a pack all

Hey guys,

I have an issue with textures once I “pack all into .blend”.
If I set a texture with an sRGB color space and I open that on an other computer the texture has a new color space. Also I got tons of possible color spaces. Do you have any idea why ? No problem If i open this file on my computer

Top part is what I save and pack. Bottom is the packed blend file opened on the other computer

Maybe it’s the computer I’m trying to open it on that has an issue :s I attached the blend file (really simple one just to test) to see if it’s the same for you.


plop.blend (2.2 MB)

The other computer has an OCIO profile associated with Blender, that is different from Blender’s default. The OCIO profile determines what color spaces are available. The other computer is using ACES.

Oh thanks a ton, that’s it !
Looks like I can’t select the “regular” (the one installed by default) profile on this machine :frowning: