Color Tracing Effect

In adobe illustrator there is a feature called live trace, this feature essentially looks over an image grabs the dominant color values in a specific area and then paints over them with a solid color, you also set the maximum number of colors. if the max number of colors is 1, then it would find one the dominant color in the image and then just make a square with that color value, you can see here I used this effect on a dota 2 picture with about 9 colors
SO my question is, is it possible to get this effect in blender? wither it be in the game engine or the modeling side. Planning on making a game with characters in this style, as you can see it is kind of similar to zelda windwaker and I can get images to look this way all day long but getting a model to look this way would be difficult from what I can tell. My main issue (I think) is that I might be able to get a material to look this way, but as characters (or just animations) move and get into different lighting, the shadows, and effectively the colors will change. If anyone has any idea how to do this it would be AWESOME if you could let me know! thanks otherwise for reading.

Offhand, you could do this to a mesh using a toon node setup. There are plenty in Blender
search for them as ‘toon nodes’ in search input box at top of page.

Also the Freestyle Blender branches could handle this, get one from and learn how to use it.

Did you create the original work? it is very good. If you did you should find no problem in recreating the effect in Blender. If you are wishing you could create something like this, then lots of luck. It is a good amount of effort to complete something like this - there are no magic pushbuttons or settings. Especially, if it is animated.

As for it being only a material, yes it will be affected by light and shade if animated, all depends on how you set your lighting, and scene.
This will probably be one of the least difficult of your hurdles to clear in this sort of project.

Awesome you helped a ton! and no this isnt my original :slight_smile: its kind of the poster child of dota 2, i just did the transformation. Anyways, i will look into the toon node and freestyle blender branches and see what i come up with! thanks for re assuring me it wasnt the hardest thing in the word ^^

Edit Although after looking a few things on toon node style, would this be applicable if I was using the model in a game? like would the nodes transfer? I have made a few game models before but I never really looked into what they all took in from the .blend

You had asked for either bge or modeling, don’t know enough about game engine - someone else would have to help you there. Prof.
Monster has done some related stuff that are really good - search him out.

Good luck in your efforts - hope to see them soon.