Color Transform Node?

Hey there,

I want to composite CG elements on top of live footage. For rendering I used a file outpput to save all render layers and passes in one multilayer EXR file.

The problem is that my footage is in sRGB while EXR files are in linear colorspace. I would like to add a color transform node to the CG layers to transform them into filmic log look without affecting the video footage. I can’t change the view transform to filmic log since that would obviously also affect the footage.

For example in fusion there’s a node called “Ocio Color Space” with which I can easily apply a different look. Resolve Fusion however doesn’t properly support cryptomattes so I would like to do the compositing in Blender.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

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Hi, to the best of my knowledge the only time the filmic transform is applied in blender is when the file is saved. The way the color management currently works, you cannot apply different transforms to different sets of footage inside the compositor. You would have to save all the render-passes as png files with filmic enabled then composite those into the life footage while the view transform is set to standard to avoid this.

You shouldn’t need to re-render anything. Just use the file output node to split the multi-layer exr files into pngs then do the compositing with those as your passes.

I haven’t used davinci resolve before, did something change in it that broke cryptomatte support? it seems like this guy was able to use blender cryptomatte layers in fusion 9 without any trouble:

And in the thread where they talk about blender getting cryptomatte support, there were some settings to keep in mind in order to make them work in other software (his 4th point shouldn’t be an issue anymore):