Colorado Mountains

I posted some medium resolution scans of some 35mm pics I snapped while on a journey through the Rocky Mountains.

I’d really like to know what people think.

Have a good one.


Jason Saville
Auburn, New York USA Good Ol’ Earth

This enlarges my wish to make a journey across america even more ;(

Beatifull landscapes (about the only good thing in america :slight_smile: besides you (and all other blender users) ofcourse )

Thanks for the comments Kib - yeah - ain’t some parts of Americas beautiful… Makes up for having tens of thousands of square miles of crap and garbage…

Have a good one, pal - and if you ever do make it to America - you can count on me for a night’s lodging, a night of bong hits, and as much vodka as you can swill…


I love the pics, it all look so peaceful…

that one:

reminded me of one time, when we were at our country house in the summer. It was in the afternoon, with the sun about at 45 degrees, there was a big white fluffy cloud just in front of the sun, and you could see the sunray peircing through the cloud. It was really magnificent.
Too bad we didn’t take any pic of that. :frowning:

There’s one photo we have though that’s rather cool. It’s really late in the afternoon. Well, you really have to be there to understand, but anyway, I’ll try to explain the best I can.

The lake where we are is oriented N-S, so that the sun rise on one side, and sets on the other. Anyway, when the sun gets low, you can see the line of between light and dark crawl slowly in the mountain in front of us. That photo I was talking about was taken with a really calm lake, so you have the mountains and sky reflecting perfecly on its surface, and with the sun that low, the mountains are colored a real bright golden color, it’s really breathtaking.

I’ll try to scan that photo and put it online someday.


I find it interesting that people seem to like that particular picture. I’ve had that response from a few others…

It happened to be my favorite as well… I love dramatic backlit pics…