I was wondering if anyone can give a semi detailed explanation of how the colorband works. Whenever I try to add a few textures to a material, that horrid bright blue comes blazing through somehow. Also, when I tried to follow the static particles tut found here, I don’t understand what to do witht he colorband. I know it’s probably a broad subject, but any answer would be great.

Between Add and Del is Cur(rent) and a number. Colors are added from the left and so numbered from left to right. The number shown relates to the current color and you can set all its values while current (including the color so you can change the blue to something else). The Pos button will adjust the relative width (or you can LMB grab the thick black and white bar to move it manually. A is the alpha setting for the current color and the and E,L, and S are interpolation options. Use the tooltips!